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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2008|02:43 pm]
Writing an Essay on Samuel Huntington's The Hispanic Challenge.

Reading/ checking out pictures and videos at thestranger.com about the Obama victory rally last night on capital hill.

Listening to Gnarls Barkley

I'm still fairly sick. ugh

But go American for once, yeah?!

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(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2008|01:52 pm]
[Jammin' to.... |The Mountain Goats]

Can't focus.

 I seem to fall into the same trend week after week, year after year. Being busy until exhaustion for one day, or a set of days, and then having no energy for the rest of the week. And  I would be fine with that, as long as I stay active I can keep pushing through. But what really pisses me off is when I get to the time I've set aside to catch up on HW or something of the sort, and I can't even seem to find the energy to focus my mind to write some god damn papers.

lol Really, I actually want to do my homework, I find it all intresting. And I want to learn. I'm just too tired to think about it right now. It'll be done as soon as I can synchronize my 'free time' with energy.  (this actually kind of reminds me of peter parker in spider-man 2)

I don't think that would fly with my teachers. But its how I feel.

Does anyone else associate with this? Find anything that helps?

Maybe some more chai tea. lol

Anyways, as I'm sitting here at Online Coffee off boardway in Seattle, trying to do homework, I obviously ended up on LJ.

When I went to post an entry, I discovered I had already started one! Its from August when I was still in SF dancing....

"I can't wait for this next school year.

Its the night before my last day at the SF Conservatory of Dance. I can't believe four weeks have already gone by. It seems like just last week I was meeting my roommate Erika for the first time."


I wish i had finished it. I'm really curious about what I had to say about my experience.

And as for being excited for the coming school year. I'm in the lion's den of it, trying not to be eaten alive. =]

It's hard. But good. I'm growing (not taller, just to clarify). And I'm trying to learn. Learn to be patient with myself , that there is always time even if it doesn't feel that way, and that everything will be okay despite what my anxiety tells me. 

Which I guess brings me full circle to my present problem of homework. Be patient, there is time, and everything will be okay. Like I said, I'm still learning. I just have to remind myself sometimes.

Going to get some tea now.

Bye until later

Amy J

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i love school [Jun. 18th, 2008|12:10 pm]
[location, location, location |Vancouver, WA]
[Jammin' to.... |Mika]


9 -10:50  Ballet3

11 – 11:50 Pointe 2

12:30 – 2: 20 Modern 2


6 – 7:20 H&S



8 – 8:50 Rhythmic Fundamentals

9 – 10:50 Modern 2

11 – 12:20 Choreography 1

1 – 2:50 Ballet 3

3 – 3:50 Ballet Partnering

4 – 5: 20 Kinesiology



 *CDT Rehearsal tentative*

12:30 – 2:20 Modern 2


6 – 7:20 H&S



8 – 8:50 Rhythmic Fundamentals

9 – 10:50 Modern 2

11 – 12:20 Choreography 1

1 – 2:50 Ballet 3

3 – 3:50 Ballet Partnering

4 – 5: 20 Kinesiology



9 – 10:50 Ballet 3

11 – 11:50 Pointe 2

*CDT Rehearsal Tentative*

*CDT Rehearsal Tentavite*

Well thats the dirt for next year. I'm really excited and a little scared I'm a bit over booked. lol And on top of that I'll have evening BFA rehearsals that will probably start after halloween sometime. Rockin, yeah?

The late nights on Monday that caries onto the early morning, long day Tuesday will be hard. But the Free time in the afternoon on Wednesdays before my H&S class will be treasured time in that schedule.

I guess I'm going to have to be on top of my stuff this year.

and as an after thought, It was so nice of Cornish to plug me into a H&S class without even giving me a description of the course. The only information I have about it is that its called Stories, Counterstories & Siler.

Anyone know anything about Siler?

And I'm testing out of Rhythmic Fundamentals.

I'm excited to be getting back to Seattle again today. =]
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text whore [Jun. 13th, 2008|03:42 pm]
Average number of text messages used monthly while my cell phone was a razor = 650

After the switching to the sidekick = 1,100

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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2008|06:09 pm]
I'm so thankful that I am no longer a Freshmen....

You're looking at a Cornish College of the Arts dance major Sophomore.

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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2008|02:39 pm]
[location, location, location |Seattle, Kitchen Table]
[Jammin' to.... |The Shins]

New favorite thing ever....
(and those of you who know me WAY to well, aren't going to be surprised at with it start with...)
dark chocolate covered almonds.

they are bomb, duh. And as a result...I've eaten far too many for the moment. trust me, I can feel it.

I found a moment in this very very busy month that is February to write and update people a bit.

My mom came up to Seattle to spend the weekend with me and Michelle. It was her birthday on Sunday and so we went to go see PNB's Romeo and Juliette Saturday evening. Breath taking, heart breaking. PNB really has some absolutely incredible dancers. The end was so tragic, as dear Billy Shakespeare intended. It was also the west coast premiere of the contemporary version on Romeo and Juliette. At first I was a little disappointed I wasn't going to get to get to see the traditional balcony season (like the one Julie Kent and Ethan Stifle do in Center Stage) but I really believe the contemporary version was much much more powerful. It also used the role of Friar Laurence as a sort of metaphoric/foreshadowing way, and embodies the physicgical stress/tension/pain or whatever you want to call it, of the situation. Olivier Wevers did a GREAT job with the role...plus he's a hottie (and for the record..so was romeo) =]

He did shave his head for his role. But thats okay. I got to hear him talk about his role and the ballet at the after show Q&A. He was pretty cool.

Yesterday was hectic. Saying goodbye to my Mom in the morning, work, rehearsal, and then the Alvin Ailey audition. I had a great time at the audition and it was probably my best audition to date and the one I've had the most fun at. I didn't get in (they called the lucky ones last night after the audition) but thats okay because I know I did really really well. People even told me they thought I was a shoe in after the audition, but no such luck. My friend Kate who also goes to Cornish did get in though. She deserves it and is way good too. so yay kate!

Today I only had Ballet and Pointe II class. Today and tomorrow are the Lighting Showings for the BFA concert. But none of mine pieces are being shown to the lighting designer until tomorrow. So I had a nice long break between classes. I all I have left today is to catch the shuttle to the main campus in an hour. sweet deal.

I'm in the middle of watching Everything Is Illuminated in my H&S class. I love it so far. I still can't believe Skyler said he didn't like that movie. But anyways, I'm on a quest to get the soundtrack.


oh! songs to download if you don't have them already....

The Crane Wife 3 by The Decemberists

The Girl by Sia

Teddy Picker by Arctic Monkeys

Float on by Ben Lee (modest mouse cover)

There is a ton more I was going to talk about, but this has already been a fairly long post. I didn't even get to the bad stuff! haha. anyways.
Good day everyone!
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For all who would like to know.... [Jan. 20th, 2008|06:18 pm]
I'm performing next on February 23rd in Seattle. Theres a 2:00 show and an evening show (probably around seven or something)
Its at the Broadway Performance Hall, on Broadway and Pine. Next to Seattle Central Community College.
It's the Cornish B.F.A. concert. aka, Freshmen dance majors dancing works choreographed by the Senior dance majors. So it'll be kind of good, kind of not. haha

It'll be fun. I'm in two pieces that day and one other piece performing another day. So come on the 23rd.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. If you need a place to stay, a few people can chill at my apartment. =]

I'll be in cooler stuff next year. So if anything...come next year when I can be in the Cornish Dance Theater shows.

But it would be fun if you came to this anyways.

love you all lots.

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damn, life as a dancer is hard [Jan. 19th, 2008|01:59 pm]
Hello everyone.
It has been a very long time since I've posted anything. But life has been changing a lot and I felt that either a update for those friends I don't get the chance to speak with very often, or just a chance to write it all down would be a good idea.

    The new semester started this past Monday. I'm now offically finished with my first week of second semester freshmen year. My life style is slowly (and sometimes reluctantly and painfully) changing from an average person to the life of a dancer. (Because I no longer have percussion as a scapegoat from some contentions and some hard facts of life, no more hiding behind my marimba.) It was the first time in my life I got the chance to focus souly on dance making first semester more of a crash course then anything else. Right after the New Moves performance in early December, I despritly needed some time off. The next week was finals week, and since I hadn't missed any classes the entire semester, classes were optional. I took that week to sleep, socialize a little more, and do homework for the one class (my academic class) I was still having to attend. I didn't even step into the studio until the next Friday and didn't dance until I went home for winter break.
    Funny about that, I didn't actually take a class when I got home. I called my friend Lauren from Danceworks when I got home to see when classes were, found out they had AAB practice (American Academy of Ballet, the testing thing I did in HS) and a lower level ballet class. This year they are working on the level I learned myself and tested last year so I had the idea that I would come and help them with it, and then take a easy going ballet class for fun. They had a different plan though. Got to the studio, we had all our "omg, I've missed you moments", but when the time for the AAB rehearsal turned into gossip and 'catch up on each others lives' time. Then I some how ended up bring talked into teaching the ballet class that I was planning on taking. It was odd how much more difficult I found it to teach one ballet class then teach and set up a front ensemble for two weeks. But teaching was still very fun. The hard part was mostly barre work. How do you try to explain and give corrections and information that its taken you years and years to figure out, and you're still trying to figure out, in thirty seconds and in a way that everyone will understand? Over all I did fine, but to really be a good teacher I'm going to need much more practice.
Anyone still reading? Not only is this entry long, I'm talking about something that no one else who will be reading this can really really understand. If you're still on board, congratulations.
    Any who, I didn't dance again until a week before school started. Wednesday night, after working six hours, me and my friend Erik went to take a ballet class at Westlake dance center in Seattle. It was fun and easy and the teacher was really enthusiastic. We both had a great time. We made plans that night to go take a open class at PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet) the next morning. I woke up the next morning SO sore. The soreness came out of no where from the night before and I just had to laugh at myself. The situation only got funnier when I reached for my phone that morning to call Erik to tell him there was no way I could take class that morning to find that I had a text message...from Erik telling me what I was just about to tell him. Too sore to move! It was great, funny, pathetic, but we deserved it for not dancing for about two months.
After taking two months off, I felt ready to dance again. With renewed determination.
And that was when Erik talked me into going to the Milwaukee Ballet School Summer Intensive audition. Ha Ha, yeah. So Erik, our friend Elizabeth, and I went last Sunday (later we ran into one of the Seniors from Cornish auditioning also). The Milwaukee people were about an hour and half late because their driver got lost. I had just accepted that they weren't going to show up, and thinking that it was for the better. If anything, I had just had a really good hour and half of stretching, and this way I didn't have to audition when I hadn't danced in so very long. Better not to make a fool of myself right? But like a side before, they did end up arriving. Here is the best part. I FORGOT MY POINTE SHOES! yep, no pointe shoes for a ballet school audition. It was just about the lamest thing I have ever done.
    I checked the mail today. I was accepted into their summer program, no pointe shoes and all. Not having danced and not being in shape and everything. Erik got in also, but on a full ride. I blame his skinny-ness and the fact that his body is flexible like a noodle.=] And I haven't heard from Elizabeth, but I know if I got in, she got in. 
  note to self: don't be lame and forget your pointe shoes for an audition. You look like a fool..and you don't get any scholarships.
So saying that. I can afford the tuition but not tuition and room and board for the six week program. So I could go and dance, while experiencing living on the streets of Milwaukee for six weeks. yeah!
Noooo matter, I wasn't planning on going anyways. I mean really, who wants to go to Milwaukee for SIX weeks! (only if they gave me a full ride =])

I had another audition Thursday for the S.F. Conservatory of Dance. Six weeks in S.F. I think yes. Cross your fingers for me. I should here back within the next week and half. I really want to go to this one. =]

Theres more crap. But I think this entry has been long enough. People are changing (which is to be expected, I mean hell I'm changing) and sometimes I feel a bit outsourced and pushed aside. But life will go on.

99% chance I'm being moved up to Ballet level 3. wootwoot. One away from the top level at Cornish.

Coffee with Skyler on Monday PLUS no school that day either.



the end.
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Watch this [Nov. 30th, 2007|07:47 pm]
You should all watch this documentary.
Totally changed my perspective and is beyond worth your time.


After watching this, let me know of what you thought or any questions.

Watch it, just take the time and sit through it. You'll be amazed by the things you'll learn
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2007|12:38 pm]
I'm trying to come up with halloween costume ideas.

any help?

i have to be able to take my dance classes that day in it. but I'm open for any ideas


thhhhank you
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